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2 Year Course With JEE Main and JEE Advanced

JEE Pattern, JEE-MAINS = NIT's (Joint Entrance Exam)

In this IT Kanpur is going to conduct two type of exams. 
1. Mains (Similar to AIEEE)
2. Advanced Test (Questions as per IIT Pattern like . . .

  •  Objectives with single correct answer, Objectives with Multiple correct answer, Assertion & Reasons, Match the Pairs 
  •  Integer type question, Comprehension (Paragraph type), Subjective type etc. etc...
  •  Be prepared your 30% score will get you to NIT's and IIT's for a good branch and good colleges.
  •  Even your XII Class score will be considered for the above exams. Proposed will be around 50%.
  •  Mains exam score is going to decide whether you are eligible for advanced test or not.